How to Use Application Store on Cameralyze Platform?

This article was written to show how easy it is to use Cameralyze ready-to-use applications rather than building your own Application. You can use this article as a Cameralyze Application Store guide.
Yasmin Us
3 minute

This article was written to show how easy it is to use Cameralyze ready-to-use applications rather than building your application. You can use this article as a Cameralyze Application Store guide.

1. Sign Up or Log In. (You can quickly Sign Up with Google)

2. You can save both time and effort by using the Cameralyze pre-built application instead of creating your application.

3. Before starting to use the application, create a file where you upload the data you would like to be processed and a different file where you would like to your results to be saved in the "Files" section. You can use images, videos, or live streams.

(For this guide, we have created a sample folder called Face Blurring for you. You can also use this folder if you wish.)

4. I upload an image inside the "input" folder. You can upload as many pictures and videos as you would like to. You can upload the file by drag and drop method, or also you can upload it by selecting it from your desktop.

5. After uploading your data, click on the start to use the application button you would like to use. Let's go with the example of the Face Blurring Application.

6. When you click on the Start To Use button of the application, the "Application Types" and "Actions" appear automatically selected.

7. You will soon be able to select any conditions you want to use to filter your data.

8. All you have to do in the application is choose where you want to save the result of the application.

9. You can choose to save to a folder or create your API from the integration option in the dashboard and send the results to an API.

10. When I select the "Save To Folder" option, the files I created while building an app appear automatically. I choose the "Output" file I created to save the application's output.

11.As indicated in the upper left corner, you can rename the application you created. You can save the application by clicking the Save Application button in the upper right corner. As a final step; click on "Run" button.

12. As shown in the preceding example, the final step should be to select your application's trigger method. In other words, it is choosing from which file the data will be retrieved and processed in the application that's why you should create a new running type. (If you wish, you can choose your uploaded image. For this guide, we use the image in the sample folder.)

13. When we check the "Output" file where we saved the result of the application, you can see that the faces in the image are blurred.

Save time and effort by using pre-built apps from the Cameralyze Application Store rather than building your  app from the ground up!

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