A fast, easy way to create computer vision projects for your business with using live video stream, and edge devices – no expertise or coding required.
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A fast, easy way to create computer vision projects for your business with using ready to use scenarios and integrations – no expertise or coding required.

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Cameralyze Platform is a no-code computer vision platform with ready-to-use scenarios and integrations

Build Computer Vision apps

Use low-code with visual programming, powerful code offered as drag-and-drop building-blocks to automate workflows.

Deploy apps to devices

Manage thousands of edge devices, computers or servers connected to cameras, roll-out and deploy your applications easily.

Monitor AI vision apps

Gather metrics from edge devices in the cloud. Create custom dashboards to visualize relevant business data in real-time.

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DeFacto Retail Chain

Perlavista Shopping Mall

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What We Offer

End-to-end workspace

A cloud workspace to build, deploy and monitor AI vision systems.

Low code / No code

Low code tools make development easier and faster for experts and beginners

Integrated marketplace

Buy and sell ready-to-use applications and add-ons for Viso Suite

Edge support

Run your applications at the edge device, protect your privacy, and create super fast applications


Find Your Application

People/Passenger Counting

App for counting people in specific areas of camera streams.

Occupancy Rate

App for tracking the live occupancy rate in a physical location based on camera streams.

Room Occupancy

App for tracking the room occupancy based on camera streams.

Demographic Analysis (Age & Gender)

App for tracking people demographics - Age & Gender


Clients Say
About Cameralyze

Cameralyze Platform is an end-to-end computer vision platform for businesses whiteout knowing any technical knowledge. It offers ready-to-use scenarios and integrations.
Sales Director

Cameralyze allows you track business with ready-to-use scenarios. It's easy to follow your business with smart reports


Developing a computer vision project is very hard. Collecting and labelling data and training your model. It's very long and error-prone. With Cameralyze Platform, you can run ready-to-use scenarios and integrations

Operation Director

Managing an operation has very different manuel processes. With Cameralyze, we create our own scenarios and start to use it without human review.

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