How to build Application from My Applications?

In this article, we will discuss in details how to build an application from scratch.
Yasmin Us
4 minute
Thanks to the Cameralyze No-Code Visual Intelligent Platform, it is effortless to create an Application from scratch with the drag and drop method! In this article, we will discuss in details how to build an application from scratch.

1. Sign Up or Log In. (You can quickly register with Google.)

2. Click on the "My Applications" tab.

3.Click on the "New Application" button in the window that appears.

4. Application Types determine the primary purpose of your application. For instance, you should select face detection to create a face blurring application type. Soon, you will be able to choose Face Recognition, Emotion&Gender Detection, and Emotion Detection.

8. Conditions allow you to filter your data. You can filter your data accordingly by choosing one of the Emotion, Gender and Face Matching filters.

9. In the Actions section, you should choose what action you will apply to your data. You should select blurring action for the face blurring application.

10. As the last step of the application, you should choose where you would like to see the application results. You can choose to save it in a folder or create your API from the integration option in the dashboard and send the results to an API. For this example application, let's choose to save the results to a folder.

11. When you click the "Save to a folder" option, the files created as examples appear. From these files, you should prefer the application to save the result in the "Output" folder. After the application completes all its steps and works, it will automatically save the image that has been processed on it.

12. After saving the application, you should click the " Run " button and create a running type for the application.

13. Let's select the folder to choose the sample image.

14. For this application,  let's use the input file saved to the files as an example and save it. You should also not forget to choose the file type.

15.. When you check the "Output" file where you saved the result of the application, you can see that the faces in the image are blurred.

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