AI-Based Face Recognition System

AI- Based Face Recognition Solution offers a unique experience that detects, tracks, identifies and analyzes faces with high accuracy and performance without any code.

With the Cameralyze Facial Recognition System, you can provide unparalleled levels of security, safety, and performance.

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Cameralyze, AI-Based Facial Recognition system recognizes faces in an image, video or live stream. To determine whether a set of faces belongs to the same person, Cameralyze Facial Recognition System use facial features such as the distance between person's eyes, the shape of  nose, or the contour of person's cheekbones.

Highest Accuracy & Speed

Combining high speed with a high degree of accuracy and provide around 1 billion matches per second on a single blade. Experience a 95% increase in security team productivity and decrease your cost.

Watchlists Management Automated Enrollment

Easily deployable on your infrastructure, creating safer and smarter environments for your customers, employees, guests and others. Faces can be automatically enrolled to the database or updated in the background while processing the video stream.

Easily Scalable

Load balancing and synchronization are automated. Process thousands of streaming video channels at the same time and recognize people in less than a second.

Make Your World Safer and Smarter

Designed with privacy protection in mind.
Cameralyze Facial Recognition System can be configured not to store facial images and other personal data so you can comply with GDPR, CCPA, APPI, CSL and ever-changing privacy regulations around the world.

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