A fast, easy way to create computer vision projects for your business with using live video stream, and edge devices – no expertise or coding required.
Using Power of Artificial Intelligence

Make your stores smarter

A fast and easy way to use your existing cameras and create computer vision projects for your stores. Line optimization, headcount, and more scenarios, without needing to code!

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People Counting

Actionable Data For Smarter Decisions
We offer a world-class people counting solution. With our state of the art people counter and powerful e-commerce style analytics platform, we enable your business to analyze foot traffic, make data-driven decisions, and increase revenues.

Queue Management

Say Goodbye to Long Queues
Minimize the time your customers spend waiting in line at checkouts to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Real-Time Dashboard & Predictive Analysis

Managers access real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system.
Live reporting system and dashboards are integrated with the different facets of system thus they form a complete business intelligence module.

Smart Notification System

Cameralyze reduces operational waste and optimizes resources by giving you a hands-on picture. Get seamless notification by integrating with your existing notification systems.


Use Existing Cameras

A fast and easy way to use your existing cameras and making them smarter to help to your business.

Build Computer Vision apps

Use low-code with visual programming, powerful code offered as drag-and-drop building-blocks to automate workflows.

Monitor AI vision apps

Gather metrics from edge devices in the cloud. Create custom dashboards to visualize relevant business data in real-time.

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DeFacto Retail Chain

Perlavista Shopping Mall

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