A fast, easy way to create computer vision projects for your business with using live video stream, and edge devices – no expertise or coding required.
  • Camera Capacity1
  • Project Capacity1
  • Professional SupportNo
  • BI DashboardNo
  • Additional Camera&Project-
  • Camera Capacity5
  • Project Capacity5
  • Professional SupportYes
  • BI DashboardNo
  • Additional Camera&Project$49
Best choice
  • Camera Capacity10
  • Project Capacity10
  • Professional SupportYes
  • BI DashboardYes
  • Additional Camera&Project$49
  • Edge SupportYes
  • Professional SupportYes
  • BI DashboardYes


Which package best for me?

Before the picking your subscription type, you need to know you can change or cancel your subscription anytime! You don’t need to use if our solutions are not usable for you.

If you are a S&MB, the right subscription type is S&MBs for you. If you have multible location or you are a pre-enterprise Professional is the best subscription type for you. If you are an enterprise company, please contact with us firstly.

What are "Camera Capacity" and "Project Capacity"?

When you choose a subscription type, you will have a capacity. If you arrive your capacity, don’t worry, you can add more capacity anytime.

Camera capacity is the limit for camera registration. You don’t add camera more than your capacity.

Project capacity is the number of the projects which run same time.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, of course. We’re trying to help you to create autonomous system for your business. We are trying to help you.

Can I change my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can anytime!

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