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Store Monitoring: Why is it crucial for supermarkets?

What is store-monitoring?

Store-monitoring helps organizations decide which customers are essential for them. It is a commonly known fact that increasing customer convenience is at the utmost importance for businesses. Knowing customer preferences and shopping patterns are becoming more and more important every day since the competition between retail stores are constantly increasing. An important way to increase the in-store retail experience comes from store-
monitoring. It helps businesses to detect crucial and meaningful insights about consumer needs, buying patterns, demographics, and employee performance. With the help of technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, Cameralyze offers its retail stores a customer experience that was not possible in the past. Store-monitoring helps businesses in the means of customer analytics, waiting line optimization, staff performance and real-time occupancy.

What are the benefits?

One of the most frustrating thing as a customer is to stand in the checkout line waiting for your turn. According to data, an average person spends approximately 32 days of their lives waiting in line at a grocery store. However, by using Waiting Line Optimization it is possible to avoid crowded lines. Using existing CCTVs and store-monitoring technologies customers are able to leave in just a few minutes without the exhaustion of waiting in line. Furthermore, supermarkets will be able to gather insights about stock management and employee performance that will help with optimized business decisions. For instance, Metro Supermarket Turkey is able to track which sections are experiencing stock exhaustion and re-stock in a timely manner. They are also able to track customer density with the help of real-time occupancy and deploy employees accordingly. Lastly, as the saying goes time is money. Store-monitoring helps making smart business decisions which turns to saving time and money.

Store-Monitoring Use-case:

Nowadays, it is crucial for businesses, especially retail stores to find innovative ideas for better growth and development. Here is a use-case for Metro Supermarket Turkey: Metro Supermarket Turkey is one of the largest supermarket for consumers and restaurant owners. They sell retail and wholesale.

Waiting Line Optimization: Metro Supermarket Turkey has approximately 10 payment desks in their stores. Before they started using the Cameralyze Platform, Metro Supermarket was managing their payment desks manually. Using existing CCTVs, which records the payment desks, they started to analyze the waiting line characteristics. With the smart recommendation system, they started recieving notifications regarding when a new paydesk is needed to stop the waiting line from growing. With the help of Waiting Line Optimization provided by Cameralyze they reduced average waiting time by 10%, and increased average revenue by 5%.

Real-time occupancy: Metro Supermarket Turkey started to track real-time customer count in order to take precautions against Covid-19. Also, they used the data to optimize employee count by using real-time occupancy system. As a result, they increased staff performance.

Visitor Analysis: Metro Supermarket Turkey benefits from Visitor Analysis in order to track customer density hourly and daily. As a result, they are able to manage and optimize their stocks with smart predictions. They were able to increase average revenue by 10% by optimizing product availability.

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