A fast, easy way to create computer vision projects for your business with using live video stream, and edge devices – no expertise or coding required.
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Use Power of Artificial Intelligence

Smart Manufacturing

It's time to start using the power of technology to create smart manufacturing. With Cameralyze and using your existing cameras or standard cameras, you can design observable and autonomous manufacturing lines without technical expertise.

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What is the smart manufacturing?

The Smart Manufacturing is the digitization of every part of the manufacturing system with interoperability, real-time control and monitoring, flexible manufacturing, quick response to the market changes, autonomous processes to increase productivity.

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Do It Yourself!

Use low-code with visual programming, powerful code offered as drag-and-drop building-blocks to automate workflows.

Choose from ready-to-use applications


Assembly line inspection

Use compmachineuter vision to help increase worker productivity and decrease human error.


Worker protection and monitoring

Ensure worker safety by monitoring protective gear usage and providing real-time feedback on safety-critical applications


Component defect detection

Improve manufacturing yields and speed up quality control using computer vision techniques to automate detecting defects.


Intelligent machinery

Develop smarter machines that can real-time identify dangerous conditions and shut off or send alerts.

Don’t see a use case that fits? Our team of experts can help you develop a custom solution. Schedule a meeting!

Why Cameralyze?

Use Your Existing Cameras

A fast and easy way to use your existing cameras and create an assistant to help to your business.

Create Your Solution

Use ready-to-use assistants/applications or create your assistant with no-code visual programming as drag-and-drop building blocks.

Ready to Use

The power of automation is on your side. Alarms, notifications, reports, or predictions, what you designed, you will get with an AI-powered assistant.

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