Face Landmark Detection

Cameralyze provides a unique experience for detecting face landmarks. Predict key points representing regions or landmarks on a human’s face – eyes, nose, lips, and others in any photo, video, or live stream without code.

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Build the Face Landmark Detection application in minutes using the AI-based ready-to-use components on the no code platform.

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Provides computer vision face landmark detection solution on a low cost for all size of businesses, developers, and innovation officers. Build your own application according to your needs and send it to third-party integrations with one click.

High Accuracy & Efficiency

Face Landmark Detection System quickly detects faces key points such as eyes, nose, lips, and others using computer vision with high accuracy and efficiency.

Easy Scalable

Provides automatic load balancing and synchronization. It processes thousands of video channels simultaneously and detects people in less than a second. It also allows you to monitor real-time metrics.

Privacy Leadership

Cameralyze cares not only for you but also for your customers.Thanks to our data encryption, data breach, and data purging privacy measures, no one can access your data and your online face landmark detection application except you.

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