How to upload a video or image to run in the Application?

This article will explain how to upload the data you would like to process on the platform.
Yasmin Us
3 minute

In the previous two articles (How to Create a New Application On Cameralyze Platform?, How to Use Application Store on Cameralyze Platform?), we have mentioned how it is possible to easily create the application you need with the drag-and-drop method in Cameralyze's no-code Visual Intelligence Platform. This article will explain how to upload the data you would like to process on the platform.

1. When you sign up or log in to the platform, the App Store page appears first. Whether you create an application from the Application Store or build a new application, you need to upload data to run the application. As seen from the example image below, you should upload your files from the files tab under the Data Management tab. So you should click on the Files tab.

2. After clicking on the Files tab, you will see two different sections; Create Folder and Upload File. Below the My Files is a sample folder and image we created for you beforehand. If you wish, you can also select this folder to run your application.To upload your image or video, first, you should create a folder to upload the video or image you want to process. You can create your first folder by clicking the create folder button, as in the example.

3. You can name the folder you want to upload your images or videos from the window that appears.

4. After clicking on the My Images file we have created, you should click on the "Add Item" or "Upload File" button to upload images or videos in the window that opens. You can drag the files you want to upload or click on browse to select item from the desktop.

5. After selecting the images or videos you want to process, you can upload them by clicking the "Submit" button. (You can add more images or videos by clicking the "Add Files" button.)

6. It may be helpful for you to create another folder where the application will save its results using the same steps to see the application results. As the last step, you should go back to the "My Applications" page and click on the "Run" button in the application. Create a running type for the application we have created before to process the image or video we have uploaded.

7. In the last step, you should select the folder you would like to process. If you have uploaded a video, you should choose the video as the file type.

That's it! After creating the folder where you would like to save the application results, you can choose the file to save the result while building the application!

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