How to Create a New Application On Cameralyze Platform?

This article to guide you to design your own application in the my application section on the Cameralyze Platform.
Yasmin Us
5 minute

By following the steps in this article, you can easily create your  application from the Cameralyze No-Code Visual Intelligence Platform with the drag-and-drop method.

1. Sign Up or Log In. (You can quickly Sign Up with Google)

2. There are platform features on the left side of the screen: Applications, Data Management, and Integrations.

3. Click the "My Applications" button. Thanks to the drag-and-drop option, you can easily create your application.

4. Before proceeding to build the application, create a file where you upload the data you would like to be processed and a different file where you would like your results to be saved in the "Files" section. You can use images, videos, or live streams.

(We created a Face Blurring folder for you as an example. It contains two folders, Input and Output. You can also use these folders as an example).

In addition, to create a new folder click on create folder and give a name to the folder. Then, a window will appear like the second image below, where you can add any item you want.

5. I will upload an image inside the "input" folder. You can upload as many images and videos as you would like to. You can upload the file by drag and drop method or upload it by selecting it from your desktop.

6. After uploading your data, click on the new application to create your application.

7. For the first step, you should select "Application Types." For example, If you would like to create your face blurring application, you should choose "Face Detection" in this section. You will be able to select one of the types of Face Recognition, Emotion&Gender Detection, and Emotion Detection soon.

8. You will be able to filter your data in the Condition section according to Gender, Face Matching, and Emotion soon.

9. In the Actions section, you can choose the action you would like to do any actions with your data. You can select Draw detection results on the image, or you can choose to blur the faces detected on the image. There will be an option where you can count the detected objects soon.

10. In the result section, you can choose where you would like to the result to be saved after the actions you have selected in your application are taken. You can choose to save it in a folder or create your API from the integration option in the dashboard and send the results to an API.

11. The files I created while creating the application appear automatically when I click on the "Save To Folder" option. I select the "Output" file to save the result of the application.

12. You can rename the application you have created as marked in the upper left corner. You can save the application as marked in the upper right corner and click to "Run" for add new running type.

13. As stated in the example above, you should choose your application's trigger method as the last step. In other words, it determines which file will be retrieved and processed by the application. In this guide, we will choose the image inside the Face Blurring folder created for you as an example.

14. When we check the "Output" file where we saved the result of the application, you can see that the faces in the image are blurred.

That's how easy it is to create your  app with Cameralyze!

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