5 Reasons Why Face Detection is Important?

In this article, we touches upon some reasons why face detection is important for innovative technology, businesses, or our day-to-day life!
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After the evolution of technology over the years, we have now come from simple computer-vision techniques to advanced artificial intelligence based face detection and recognition technologies. Advanced facial detection softwares can now detect a face in the blink of an eye and show the faces on your camera application or blur the people’s faces in a video.So, how does face detection work and why is it important? In this article, we touch upon some reasons why face detection is important for innovative technology, businesses, or our day-to-day life!

What Is Face Detection?

Face detection, also known as facial detection, is briefly a computer technology that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and that is used to detect human faces in images or videos. Thanks to face detection algorithms, It is possible to detect faces in an image or video regardless of the camera angles, the position of the subject's head, the lighting, or the color of the skin

How Does Face Detection Work?

Face detection technology makes use of algorithms to identify whether images include a face or not.  Face detection software primarily relies on intelligent algorithms that biometrically map out facial characteristics acquired in pictures and video frames, as opposed to simple machine learning algorithms. Once the biometric map is complete, it is compared to a large database of faces to determine its accuracy.The algorithms can identify if there is a face or not. When the software finds a face or a group of faces present in the picture, it detects the locations of faces and frames around the observed face or group of faces.

Why Is Face Detection Important?

Face detection is the first stage in the process of face analysis, face tracking, and, most crucially, facial recognition systems which are all subsequent steps. The technology is expanding at a rapid pace and it is used in a variety of applications including device unlocking, banking, tourism, police enforcement, building security, and others.

In addition, face detection is also needed for facial recognition algorithms to recognize which parts of a picture should be used to render face prints and which parts should be ignored.These all make facial detection very important but in which areas face detection is used and why is it important? Here are the reasons why it is essential for many areas:

1) Face detection enables face identification to be performed automatically.

Undoubtedly, the biggest feature of face detection is that it does this job automatically.Imagine if an employee waits for hours at the entrance of the store and counts the people who come in, or when you take a portrait on your camera, you have to make adjustments by hand to focus/tag the faces.Face detection is a very important technology that saves us from all these bothers or troubles because it lets facial identification be fully automated hence enhancing productivity while also raising the rate of accuracy.

2) Face detection provides better security.

Face detection technology provides better security opportunities. It increases the level of protection. For instance, facial detection softwares help the enhancement of surveillance strategies and serve as the foundation for the identification of terrorists and criminals.Country borders, Casinos, Museums, Banks, or Prisons are some of the other examples where this systems can be used for security.Thanks to face detection, it is also possible to create face recognition technologies like FaceID or faceprint readers. In this way, people can unlock their phones or the outer doors of their houses.

3) Face detection builds face recognition technology.

As it is mentioned above, without face detection, it would be impossible to bring face recognition technology. It is fundamental to face recognition because all of the face recognition technologies, intrinsically, detect faces at first. Therefore, it is very significant for the software or application developers as somehow they use face detection if they want to create something with face recognition.

4) Face detection makes facial motion capture possible.

Some popular applications like Snapchat or Instagram allow their users to modify their faces with fun filters in real-time. This is made feasible by facial recognition algorithms, which inform the apps that there is a face that may be tracked and modified on the screen.

Thanks to Face Detection technology, ‘’facial motion capture’’ is used to create computer graphics (CG), 3D animations, and real-time avatars for movies, video games, and other media channels. It makes facial emotion tracking possible. Because the motion of computer-generated figures are drawn from the gestures of actual people, the resulting CG character animations look more real and subtle than the animation had been designed by hand

5) Face detection makes life easier.

Face detection makes things easier in all areas of our lives. It saves time and  inspires new ideas. For instance, "Face Pay" technologies can be very popular in the future because it has a great potential to reduce the length of time spent in lengthy checkout lines with sluggish payments.Face detection can also help to provide data such as tracking the number of customers who come to the store or are in the store at the same time. In this way, creating marketing strategies gets easier.In addition to this, it allows following the number of customers inside even in the cases of infection, such as the limit of the number of people in closed areas during the Covid-19 pandemic.These can be only a few of the benefits showing the importance of face detection technology. There are still many areas that it is currently being used or will be used in the future.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to witness face detection in our daily lives since it is the basis of a large number of facial apps. Face recognition is used to unlock our smartphones, and this would not be practicable without face detection. Similarly, face recognition surveillance technologies, face blurring, picture tagging, photo filters, and many more also fall under it.Using Face detection technology in these areas and more is also possible with Cameralyze. Cameralyze offers no-code user-oriented face detection applications with superior performance and high privacy. Start free trial now!

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