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4 Areas Where Face Detection is Used

In this article, we will be describing 4 areas that face detection is used regularly.
Zehra Alan
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In the age that we are living, face detection is one of the rising technologies. Due to the importance of this technology, it is spread worldwide. Now, face detection is used in so many different areas and keep making our life easier. In this article, we will be describing 4 areas that face detection is used regularly.  

What Is Face Detection?

Face detection is an artificial intelligence based on computer technology. In this way, face detection and its’ features can be used through computers. Face detection is also known as “facial detection” in some areas. Face detection systems work with the purpose of detecting and extracting the face region from the background. In detail, face detection has the ability for face scanning, face matching and image processing.

Why Face Detection Is Important?

When answering this question, we should consider the necessity of this technology first. Face detection systems make the process simple and provide express results. Due to this features, face detection performs remarkable contributions to humankind.  Also, it is important that face detection can be used for variety of purposes. For instance, device unlocking, law enforcement, industrial, agriculture, banking, improved security, hospitality and more. When describing the importance of face detection, it is mostly used in security systems. This is why, we will be starting with security systems and then 3 other areas where face detection is used.

Areas Where Face Detection Is Used

1) Improved Security

Facial detection is mostly used in security systems. The reason for this is it provides faster and certain results because the system works through computer. In security systems, it is used to find and identify human faces. With this feature, security systems use the term of “crowd surveillance”. Using crowd surveillance helps to find the people who are criminals or missing ones.

Another usage of face detection is unlocking devices. Face detection in device unlocking is used in many of the technological devices. In device unlocking, face detection is mostly used automated identification. In this way, the technology offers a powerful way for protecting personal data and ensures that the personal data is inaccessible if the device is stolen. It retains the data safe. Device unlocking is used in private devices like mobile phones and computers. Also, it is used in locking/unlocking doors and control access to sensitive areas.

2) Law Enforcement

Facial recognition is used by the law enforcement regularly. It provides the system of collecting images from arrestees and compares the images in various databases. In these databases, there are face prints that are compared with previously stored face prints to establish whether or not there is a match. Also, it can be used in finding missing persons. Mostly, the persons’ image is registered in databases when the face detection systems recognize the person. These databases are used to identify or verify a person. In this way, face detection makes easier “tracking down” people. Face detection technology helps for faster investigations, bringing offenders to justice. Also, it has the potential to stop and prevent crimes.

3)Health Services

Face recognition technology is built from face detection. In order to use face recognition technology, face detection is needed. When using face detection in health services, face recognition can be used to diagnose diseases that cause detectable changes in physical appearances.  Also, face detection has the potential of identifying age, recognizing gender, analyzing emotions based on facial expressions. Using these features, new technologies can be discovered. For instance, a brand developed an app which helps blind people using face detection. It recognizes peoples’ faces when they smile, and alerts the people who is blind with a vibration.

4) Social Media

Face detection is used in social media apps and social media usage is getting more and more popular. People start sharing their daily life, special occasions and more. Due to this, social media developers try to keep their applications alive. So they started using face detection technology for making the applications interested. People now can take their pictures with special effects or they can take their pictures and make so many different changes in these pictures.


As a result, face detection is used in many areas and it provides better results in each area. In daily life, we can observe how face detection is usable. In the article, we tried to express what is face detection and where face detection is used. Face detection will be used in the future more than it is been used in this century. Using Face detection technology in these areas and more is also possible with Cameralyze.  Cameralyze offers no-code user-oriented face detection applications with superior performance and high privacy. Start free trial now!

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